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We have handled many cases regarding defective Jeep lemon vehicles.  Jeeps are no longer manufactured for war.  Jeep is purely managed for profit through franchise dealership agreements by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles US, LLC.  We have seen even defective new 2020 Jeep lemons being sold with serious problems.  Often times jeep manufactures a particular model defectively and then covers it up with another model.  As of the COVID-19 pandemic, many dealerships are offering special deals for buying a new Jeep.  Sometimes manufacturers do this because they do not have the service and repair facilities for their existing cars available.  Usually, they do this solely to avoid the California Lemon Law statute.  Jeep Cherokee’s are not the only California vehicles to break the law. Jeep Gladiator’s as new as 2020 have been found to break the California Lemon Law.


Lemon Leases are Everywhere and We Can Help

Common Jeep Lemon Defects include:

When bringing your Jeep in for maintenance, service or assistance, you are likely bound to find problems with both service and repair issues. It used to be that just the Cherokee was the problem vehicle.  Now the Gladiator 2020 is posing problems too.

It is no wonder why our own US military does not use the Cherokee for help in combat.  After all the issues the Cherokee has had, the only thing our government has done is to ensure American service members have the information they need to file a lemon law claim no matter where they are stationed. 

Although Jeep may promise your Jeep to both be a Race vehicle as well as king of the off-road domain, Jeep’s repair and service facilities often lack the team that has the information to help you with the issues you may experience such as:


  • Problems shifting
  • Transmission problems
  • Faulty RPM readings
  • Shuttering
  • Engine failing to start
  • Unintended acceleration
  • Slow acceleration

How do I determine if your Jeep is a “lemon?”

Your jeep is under California Lemon Law if it does not conform to express warranties created by the manufacturer FCA US, LLC. To be eligible you must have purchased your vehicle for household or personal use as a consumer.  You have to qualify as a consumer.
Any material defect which impairs the “use, value or safety” of your Jeep means your Jeep is under the California Lemon Law.
The lemon law is to read in the disjunctive. Meaning any impairment in the way you use your jeep, any safety issue, or any loss in value may be a breach of warranty.
Another issue is the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. If you purchased a Jeep that feels like a VW bug your Jeep may be covered.

Jeep Lemon Law Statute of Limitations

The only rule is that the suit must be filed before the Lemon Law Statute of Limitations expires. Even after a long period of Jeep ownership, as long as the defect initially happened while the auto had been within warranty. Since a written warranty is covered under the contract law you would have 4 years to file. This is just a general rule though. You should contact us and get in touch immediately.
Long Beach, CA is home to dealerships that sell are cars. FCA US, LLC distributes and services them through franchisees or authorized repair centers. Due to the fact that the manufacturer, FCA US, LLC, is liable for any Jeep Lemon Law claims, oftentimes dealers are happy when we file suit. 

Your right to a refund under the Law is clear!

If you need Lemon Law Information or Lemon Law FAQ we have the law experts that can help.
The US government purchased the most number of Jeep vehicles during World War II.  They were awesome and lead us to victory.  Supposedly General and President Dwight Eisenhower said it was one of the four pieces of equipment that one the war.  That may have been true but ever since the Great War ended, Jeep has become by agreement a consumer vehicle and so it shall remain.  This means that if you buy a Jeep for household or personal use it shall be subject to the Lemon Law.  Do not get ripped off, lemon law information is out there.  Lawyers who are lemon law experts can help.  California is no place to break the law.  When it comes to consumer protection; California is the best.

A Lemon Jeep is Not Cool in California according to any of our Lemon Law Experts

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call our Long Beach office and speak to a Lemon Law Attorney.  Our lemon law faq can explain many things but one of our attorney lemon law experts can help better by phone. We will return your call within 24 hours at max. Call (562)999-1219 for any lemon law needs. Every dealer or manufacturer in this state that gives express warranties in their purchase and sale agreement must make sure that they have the parts and repair literature to service every car to their express warranties.

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