LONG BEACH, CA  (FROM YOUR LOCAL LONG BEACH EVICTION ATTORNEY)-  Our Governor Gavin Newsom signed an executive order which which prevents evictions until September 30th, 2020.  The Mayor helped too.

This means that if you are a tenant with horrible neighbors or a landlord with horrible tenants you cannot file a case for eviction.  

Although the L.A. City Council has supposedly been given $100 million dollars to help the problem. As far as we are aware, not 1 dollar has been given to any of our clients. 

Long Beach is our home and a special community.  We are not governed by the same laws as Central Los Angeles.  Most property owners I know, especially my clients, are people of moderate means.   

The tenants, that are also my clients, are also sometimes landlords and people of moderate means.

I John C. Feely, Esq. am a tenant and the attorney for many of you.  Our city has not been represented the way it should have been in the legislature.  Long Beach is a unique community.  We are no ghetto.  We are all struggling.  As both a tenant and an attorney for many landlords I personally have been hurt by the lack of support for our small community. 


Luckily, the judges and other lawyers at the Long Beach Courthouse control what happens and the Sheriff has kept things at peace, unlike in other cities.   Nevertheless, many landlords and tenants are struggling.  If you need help with a place to live or fighting off the banks to get the money you deserve please call.  I am deeply saddened that our wonderful city has been treated as if it is just another part of Los Angeles County.  

Long Beach is the best part of LA county.  We are also the most hurt.  Luckily if we stand together we can make this city even better.  This is my home and the most beautiful and fun part of LA county that exists. Let’s keep it that way. 


If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call our Long Beach office and speak to a Lemon Law Attorney. We will return your call within 24 hours at max. Call (562)999-1219 for any lemon law needs.

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