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California’s lemon law requires that every Long Beach auto dealership follow the rules set out by our legislature in the California Lemon Law. This means any problems that arise under any warranty period. This includes the dealership’s authorized repair centers.

Long Beach California Lemon Law Attorney Fees

Our attorneys handle lemon law claims start to finish. You do not pay anything to us whatsoever. Every attorney fee or cost we generate gets pushed onto the Manufacturer.
How do I determine if my car is a “lemon?”
Your vehicle is under California Lemon Law if it does not conform to express warranties created by the manufacturer. To be eligible you also have to be a consumer, not a major corporation.
Any material defect which impairs the “use, value or safety” of the automobile to the consumer means your car is under the California Lemon Law.
The lemon law is to read in the disjunctive. Meaning any impairment in the way you use it, any safety issue, or any loss in value may be a breach of warranty.
One-third issue is the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. If you purchased a Porche that feels like a VW bug your car may be covered.
California Lemon Law Statute of Limitations
The only rule is that the suit must be filed before the Lemon Law Statute of Limitations expires. Even after a long period of ownership, as long as the defect initially happened while the auto had been within warranty. Since a written warranty is covered under the contract law you would have 4 years to file. This is just a general rule though. You should contact us and get in touch immediately.
Long Beach, CA is home to dealerships that sell are cars. BMW, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, KIA, and GM all have franchisees or authorized repair centers. Due to the fact that the manufacturer is liable under the law, oftentimes dealers are happy when we file suit. They do not want to deal with defective automobiles either.
If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call our Long Beach office and speak to a Lemon Law Attorney. We will return your call within 24 hours at max. Call (562)999-1219 for any lemon law needs.
Do any Long Beach Dealerships knowingly sell Lemon Vehicles?

No Long Beach dealership we have encountered has had any pattern of selling defective cars to the public.  In general, they do their best to sell cars as quickly as possible.  It’s the manufacturer’s fault if your vehicle is defective.

Some Long Beach auto dealerships happen to be very cooperative and have even referred us cases.  When their repair center cannot get the parts or service literature they need, they may send you to us. 

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