lOng Beach Lemon Law Lawyer Guide

West Coast Justice is an experienced niche law firm which specializes in representing our clients in claims and disputes related to California’s Lemon Law. Our office are located in Long Beach, CA, and we have successfully represented claims across the entire state against leading auto manufacturers – including in Orange County.

When you’ve bought a lemon from an auto manufacturer (and when they knew about the flaws or faults in what they were selling), California’s Lemon Law applies. This means that buyers are legally protected when purchasing a vehicle – and this additionally means that buyers have recourse if the deal goes bad.

We’re known as one of the leading Lemon Law claim law firms in California. West Coast Justice provides each client with an attorney assigned to their case – and our attorneys are guaranteed to grant fair representation to your claim in court.

When you need backup, we don’t back down. This is what any consumer needs when they have their day in court after a bad auto deal.

Lemon Law is a specialized type of legal claim that is only valid in some states – including California. If you’ve “bought a lemon” as the saying goes, then the Lemon Law applies – and a claim against the manufacturer is possible. It’s something that not all legal firms or attorneys will represent: But we specialize in it.

Even though it protects consumers, it can be hard to enforce without the assistance of an attorney. That’s where we come in.

Forget about the common myth that legal representation has to cost more than you’ll get back. We provide our clients with affordable, guaranteed legal protection – and we’ll only charge in the event of a successful case outcome. Naturally, this means that we have a consistently excellent success rate in representing our customers (or we wouldn’t be here!).

Our West Coast Justice offices are conveniently located in Long Beach, CA. Arrange a face-to-face consultation with one of our experts, or contact us for alternative consultation arrangements that can still allow us to discuss your case where this is not possible.

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Our Case Approach


West Coast Justice takes a unique approach to each individual claim that our firm represents.


We start with a first consultation to establish the baseline facts of your claim and collect the necessary statements and evidence necessary to proceed with your claim in court.


Thereafter, our attorneys will guide you through every step of the process from the first meeting through to the last day in court.


During the case, we’ll keep you updated in progress of your claim. This includes any correspondence or paperwork that might be related to your case. That’s what excellent attorneys do.


We’ve kept our case approach the same since our start – and it’s been beneficial for us and the clients we’ve represented.


Why Choose West Coast Justice?


West Coast Justice is a specialized law firm representing claims under California’s Lemon Law.


Lemon Law claims apply to vehicles recently purchased in the state of California that have defects the manufacturer knew of when they sold the vehicle. It’s a specialized branch of law that not all law firms represent – and we might be able to help you if the situation described above is familiar and you aren’t yet seeing the justice you feel you deserve.


Why choose us?


We’re a team of experienced, knowledgeable attorneys who guarantee a successful outcome for the cases and clients we accept.


If you’ve been done in or disadvantaged through the purchase of a defective vehicle, we believe that you deserve immediate legal recourse under California’s Lemon Law. In fact, our dedication to consumer justice is one of the essential cornerstones of our firm.


But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some more good reasons to hire West Coast Justice to represent your California Lemon Law claim.


  • A Track Record of Success


West Coast Justice has a reputation for success from start to finish. It’s this reputation that has helped us keep our position as one of the leading law firms for claims in Orange County and California. When our attorneys consult with you about the merits of your case, we make sure that we can bring your claim to success before moving forward.

When appointing a lawyer or legal firm, their success rate is one of the most important deciding factors.

When we accept your claim, we’re sure that we’re going to succeed.


  • Convenient Location

West Coast Justice is conveniently located in Long Beach, California with an address that’s easy to find. If you can’t make it to our offices, alternative arrangements can be made for a remote, electronic first consultation where we can still discuss the merits of your case. If you need help finding your way to our offices, get in touch and we’ll send clear directions on how to get to us.

  • California Bar-Qualified Attorneys


We’re a team of experts – and we add only the best in the industry to our legal team. All the professionals at West Coast Justice are California Bar-Qualified attorneys who were top of their class when they graduated (and remain at the top of their field today).


Our legal professionals have experience in local laws, California Lemon Law claims and defending these claims in court.


Our expertise is just another reason why we’re one of the preferred specialized law firms in the West Coast area.


  • Geared to Win


Our attorneys are geared to win.


We have access to premier legal resources in California state which means that we’re hard-wired to information databases and networks that all come in handy when representing our clients.


We have the law at our fingertips, and this means that our clients are guaranteed results when represented by our experts.


When selecting a lawyer, we know that winning is one of the single most important deciding factors. With West Coast Justice, that’s exactly what you’ll get.


  • Skilled Attorneys

West Coast Justice guarantees a team of skilled attorneys, with an expert appointed to represent your claim from beginning to end.


Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients before they brought their combined expertise to our law firm – and it’s this combined expertise that counts for you in court.


When it comes to Lemon Law claims, a tough, experienced lawyer is needed (or auto companies might succeed in a counter claim – or the claim might be unsuccessful).


  • Specialized Law

Thousands of customers purchase defective vehicles every year without realizing that they have recourse. California’s Lemon Law protects any consumer who approached an auto shop only to “buy a lemon” – although it’s a specialized branch of legal representation that not all legal firms and law offices can help with.


Need recourse for a bad car deal?


West Coast Justice deals in specialized Lemon Law claims.


This means that we can represent your claim in court if the above happens to describe your situation.


  • Commitment You Need


Our lawyers are committed to every Lemon Law claim we represent – and we guarantee fair representation and advice for every step of the process.


Commitment means that we never leave our clients in the dark; we provide advice and resources needed to make sure that your claim is a success in court.
We’re dedicated to making sure our clients get the justice they deserve.


  • From Start to Finish 

We represent cases from start to finish.


The first consultation with our attorneys helps to establish the fundamental elements of your case: Who you are claiming against, and the circumstances surrounding your claim.

From there, we ensure fair representation in court – and justice when it comes to the final resolution of your case.


We’ll keep you updated on any correspondence and/or court feedback related to your claim for every single step of the way. It’s what we do best.




    Need legal representation after “buying a lemon” from an auto manufacturer? West Coast Justice is a specialized law firm located in Long Beach, CA


    We’re in the business of Lemon Law.
    We’re also one of the premier law firms dedicated to securing a win for our clients when success is needed most.


    According to the Lemon Law, auto manufacturers have a responsibility to service or repair new vehicles – but if this becomes impossible, total replacement or reimbursement of the vehicle becomes the law.


    Even though the law is clear, it can sometimes be hard to enforce if you are a lone consumer without any backup.


    This is where West Coast Justice steps in: Consumers deserve compensation when they’ve been done in – and they deserve justice against any auto manufacturer who doesn’t stick to the law.


    See the below FAQ for common questions relating to West Coast Justice and California Lemon Law claims.


    • Q: How do I know if I can file a California Lemon Law Claim?


    If your vehicle is still covered under the warranty and the auto dealership has been given reasonable notice to repair a serious fault, then it becomes more likely that you are able to file a claim against the manufacturer under California’s Lemon Law.


    It’s a common myth that California Lemon Law claims are only for vehicles that have reached a certain mileage (or have been owned for a certain time), but this information is false: All consumers that meet the above criteria could have a potential claim regardless of the mileage on the clock.


    If you would like to find out whether or not California’s Lemon Law applies to your case, get in touch with West Coast Justice for more information and we’ll conduct a first-time case assessment.


    • Q: Can I still file a Lemon Law claim if my car is still being paid off / under lease?




    It’s another common myth that California’s Lemon Law only applies to vehicle owners who have paid for the car entirely in cash – or have their loan or lease paid off.


    California’s Lemon Law claims still apply to anyone who might still have their car under loan or lease, and you can claim against a dishonest auto manufacturer regardless.


    • Q: What is defined as a vehicle under California’s Lemon Law?


    One of the reasons why people don’t realize that they can claim against an auto retailer for selling them a lemon on four wheels is because people aren’t sure which vehicles qualify.


    California’s Lemon Law defines “vehicle” as including ones like RV’s and and boats.


    If you can drive it, then it might count as a vehicle under California’s Lemon Law – and you might be able to claim after consulting with an attorney.


    • Q: How long does a California Lemon Law claim take?


    It depends.


    Without a counter claim from the manufacturer or seller (that means, an uncontested claim where they accept responsibility), we can help you to get your claim settled in a matter of months from your first consultation.


    Sometimes, an out-of-court settlement can be negotiated where there is no opposition from the seller, but this is not always the case.


    When a settlement cannot be negotiated or there is a further dispute, a claim could require more time to reach success.


    • Q: What if I can’t make it to your offices?


    In the event where our clients cannot make it to our offices for a first consultation, we can be contacted for alternative arrangements. This allows our experts to gain the necessary information about your case in a digital environment.


    • Q: What information is necessary?


    Get in touch with the West Coast Justice team before your first consultation and we’ll send you a list of the information we’ll need for a successful claim.


    As a guideline, we’ll need all the information pertaining to your purchase and subsequent claim to access your case.


    This includes vehicle make, year & model, mileage, date of purchase/lease, details of the issue you’ve experienced and any correspondence that you have with the seller regarding the purchase or subsequent repairs.


    If we need any more information from you, we’ll ask.

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