What is California’s Song-Beverly Act?

This act is also called “Lemon Law and was introduced in 1970. This law protects consumers of vehicles that have an original manufacturer warranty. Suppose your vehicle is defective, and the manufacturer is unable to repair the defect or refuses to repair the defects. In that case, lemon law will provide you compensation for your vehicle in the form of repurchase, replace or refund.

In Long Beach, California’s Lemon Law applies to those automobiles in which manufacturers refuse to fix the problems during the warranty period because they have already given many opportunities to repair their vehicles.

If the vehicle has a warranty, then the automobile maker has to return the money to the consumer. The automobile maker is also responsible for setting unresolved loan balance or sometimes replacing the vehicle with a similar model. If you are stuck in any kind of problem, Long Beach lemon law attorney may help in this regard.

Lemon Law Lawyer Long Beach

California’s Lemon Law makes it compulsory for the manufacturer to cover the consumer’s hourly attorney fees for a claim. This is why it is easier for those consumers who are unable to pay attorney fees and do not file a claim. It simply means that if you want to get the services of Long Beach lemon Law Attorney, you will not have to pay any charges. The charges are paid out when the attorney wins the case.

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Our law experts of west coast justice provide document study, complimentary case evaluation, and discussion with lawyers regarding legal right under Long Beach California Lemon Law. We provide you the complete details about legal rights and procedures both in person and over the phone without any fees. When you consult with a professional lawyer, you will have a clear idea of your situation. You will also know what are the requirements and merits of the California Lemon law process.

What is Long Beach California Lemon Law?

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act that is also called California’s Lemon Law provides a legal right to the individuals to get a refund or replacement or vehicle if their vehicle is lemon. Our lawyers have professionally handled these types of situations against different companies. If you want to know more about Lemon law and how it will benefit you, we offer our services in this regard. You can also consult your circumstances on phone calls or emails without any charges.

Suppose your manufacturer and dealership do not repair your faulty vehicle even if you have a reasonable number of repair attempts; in that case, your manufacturer has to replace or repurchase the vehicle as long as your vehicle owns a dealership warranty.

How do I determine “My car is lemon?”

A material defect is described as a defect that impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle to the purchaser. It depends on the circumstances of how many attempts a manufacturer should provide to the purchaser. A common standard for this is 4 times or 1 month in the shop. If the vehicle is lemon or not, it depends on the number of repair attempts, the number of days in the repair shop, age, and mileage of the automobile.

There are some suggestions. Any defect or nonconformity of vehicles that may cause death or serious bodily injury may be beneficial for consumers to get a refund. He can get a refund even after a long period of purchasing, but the vehicle must have a warranty.

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How much time I have to take to claim my Long Beach Lemon Law?

A friendly and sincere suggestion is you have to claim your lemon law as soon as possible. According to the Lemon Law, any defect in the vehicle during its warranty period, whether its 3000 miles, 30,000 miles, or more, makes you eligible to claim Lemon Law. The duration of time may be prolonged when a problem occurs in the warranty period.

What benefits will I get if my vehicle is lemon?

If a consumer’s car or any other product is lemon, you can benefit from repurchase and replace the vehicle. If you claim to get a replaced vehicle, you will get replaced vehicle the same as your earlier vehicle. The manufacturer is responsible for all the taxes and license fees.

If you chose the option to repurchase the car, you would get all the refund that is committed to your vehicle, including deposit, monthly finance installments, and the fee of the finance agreement. In both cases, replace or repurchase; you will get all your expenses, including towing fees, car rental fees, or car repair services.

The manufacturer or dealership is able to charge a fee for replacement auto, the amount of money for usage of lemon before experiencing the first repair. California law offers a quote for mileage deduction that is as follow:

Miles for the sizeable defect for the time of initial repair attempt, divided by 120,000 times the actual payment of paid by the purchaser.

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Can a hiring of the lemon law attorney is affordable?

Yes, you do not need to worry about the fees. You can employ a lawyer because our firm works on a contingency basis. Our law officers will not charge any fee to you because all the fees and costs will be paid by the manufacturer or dealership once we win the case. 

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What is the duration of filing Lemon Law Claim?

98% of all civil claims get positive results. Our aim is to make a claim successful for the client so that he will enjoy the benefits.  Depending on the company, this process can go fast. If the company or manufacturer refuses to take responsibility, this process can go longer for several months.

Is it possible that Lemon Law protects previously owned cars?

Yes, California’s lemon law protects almost all buyers, including used cars or pre-owned cars that have a warranty. Suppose your vehicle is sold with a warranty. The manufacturer or dealership was unable to fix your vehicle through the warranty period. You are eligible to get a refund or replace it under a lemon law.

Does the lemon law applicable to leased vehicles?

Yes, of course. This lemon law is applicable to the leased vehicles.

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For many years, West Coast Justice is considered the Long Beach California’s top lemon law legal advocate. Our firm excels in getting knowledge of each side of California’s lemon law.  Our lawyers are client-centered and experienced to handle the number of cases about different situations with a positive outcome. The lawyers can handle situations with leased autos to domestic cars.

Our firm works directly with buyers to claim lemon law and fight cases against manufacturers and dealerships.

Long Beach lemon Law has experienced lawyers who do not ask for fees. There are some other lawyers who may ask you about retainer fee and tell you how they work on a contingency basis. At the West Coast Justice, lawyers do not ask for any retainer fee. The manufacturer pays that fee once the lawyer wins the case. If the claim is unresolved, you are not responsible for paying any fee. Our California’s Lemon Law attorneys know how to deal with the manufacturers. Several automobiles have a defect due to bad craftsmanship and manufacturer’s negligence. Don’t think that you cannot get a lemon because you paid more for a car.